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About Us

We just love telling great stories, and if it's anything dark, strange or paranormal then we're really interested! We're a highly skilled, experienced team of creatives from London and the Isle of Wight who have joined forces to create a new team. Our passion is in creating original content, be it short films or TV series, we can deliver a complete end to end solution. We can offer services from script-writing/editing, directing, crew, editing, post production plus PR and marketing services.

Our Story

Our team first met online over lockdown in 2020 through Director's Cut at Southwark Playhouse. With lots of spare time on our hands, it proved to be the perfect opportunity to practice making lots of short films. Once restrictions were lifted, they immediately embarked on a short supernatural thriller called 'Strange Waters,' which Rowena had written and ended up producing on with Andy directing.  

The assembled crew all instantly hit it off, and so further projects grew organically from there.  We are very fortunate to have such a talented, reliable and good humoured team, which make all our projects at absolute joy to work on. So '9 of Cups' made sense as a name for the production company. It's a tarot card with a lot of significance, if you have the time, please look it up...

Rowena works as the producer and director of the company. She has a background in both corporate and small business, so knows how to deliver projects, on time and within budget. She's also a great communicator making sure everyone is kept informed and motivated in the process!

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